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This page contains links to interesting and worthwhile places on the Web. I also included here some miscellaneous information and trivia giving you a wider view on myself, and what I do/did so far.

[Interesting Links]

Japonica Creativa

Computational Linguistics Group on LinkedIn, a business-oriented social network service. The group is dedicated to the field of Computational Linguistics and other related fields, such as Natural Language Processing, Corpus Linguistics, etc. I founded this group to help people interested in the topic share and obtain information about and related to language processing.

Japonica Creativa

Japonica Creativa is a student scientific circle at the Institute of Japanese Studies, in Department of Oriental Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University. I was one of the founders and a president of the circle for several years. The circle was founded in order to disseminate Japanese culture and provide easiest acces to the Japan-related information for people from the Poznan (Poland) area.

[my non-scientific writings]

"Hokkaido - Japan without geishas and samurais" is a book about Hokkaido, northern island of Japan. I co-authored this book in 2005 with ten other writers. The book is a collection of chapters, each written by different person, concerning different phenomena related with Hokkaido. My chapter was about night life and dark sides of Sapporo, the largest city of Hokkaido.

[miscellaneous & trivia]