Last Modified: April 3, 2008



1.Dialogue Processing

(1) Spoken Dialogue Method Using Inductive Learning with Genetic Algorithm

(2) Casual Dialogue System Using Modality and Word Association Using WWW

(3) Information Acquisition Using Chat Environment for Question Answering

2.Machine Translation

(1) Automatic Acquisition of Translation Knowledge from Corpus

(2) Automatic Proofreading of Errors in English Sentence

3.Automatic Summarization

(1) Automatic Generation of Sales Reports from Dialogue Data

(2) Automatic Generation of Minutes of Proceedings

4. Information retrieval

(1) Automatic Extraction of Definition of Technical Term from WWW

5. Language Acquisition

(1) Acquisition Model of Common Noun and Proper Noun

(2) Language Acquisition Model Using Association Memory

6. Emotion Processing

(1) Automatic Recognition of Emotional Expression in Text

7. Commonsense Extraction

(1) Acquisition Extraction of Commonsense from WWW

8. Humor Processing

(1) Acquisition Recognition and Generation of Humor

(2) Automatic Generation of Humor Using Humanoid Robot

(3) Automatic Generation of Japanese Pun



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